V - Vegetarian

Our entire menu is gluten free with the following exceptions:
Shrimp quesadilla, Cheese quesadilla, Fish tacos, Tres leches cake and Churos. 



Fish tacos (2)                                              $9
Carnitas tacos (2)                                      $9
Chicken tacos (2)               
Shrimp quesadilla                                    
Cheese quesadilla - v                              
Chicken enchiladas (2)                            
Vegetable enchiladas (2)                         

not tortilla based

Pork tamales (2)                                        $9
Crab cake veracruz                                
carne asada                                              
yucatan-style grilled chicken thighs   $15

mexican seafood soup                              


chips and salsa - v                                     $4
guacamole and chips - V                            $8
chile con queso 
and chips - V                  
yucca fries - v                                            
spanish rice - v                                          
pinto beans - v                                            
refried beans                                       
mixed green salad 
- V                                $8
tortillas (3) - v                                          $2


spanish flan - v                                         $6
tres leches cake - v                             
churros with darkchocolate dip -v        $8



avion                                                           $13
Aperol, lime juice, reposado tequila and Amaro Nonino, shaken with ice and double
strained into coupe. No garnish. 

ritmo de ad-mo                                           $13
'Stirred not shaken' blend of Rye whiskey, Averna, Carpano Antica sweet vermouth, with
a spoonful of Lucardo Marachino. Strained into coupe, garnished with lemon twist.

lc ricardo                                                  $12
Fresh juiced lime and Tequila, topped with Mexican sparkling soda water, served on the rocks.

m-m-m-my paloma                                        $12
Your choice of Tequila or Mezcal, shaken and served on the rocks, topped with Jarritos
grapefruit, garnished with lime wedge.

margarita 1988                                               
(frozen or on the rocks)                          $12

Tequila, triple-sec, simple syrup and fresh lime juice. Shaken well and strained over
fresh ice into a salt rimmed glass, garnished with lime.

spicy house margarita                              $12
Tequila, triple-sec, simple syrup and fresh lime juice, with 2-3 slices of jalapeño or serrano
chili muddled into shaker, strained into a tan rimmed glass, garnished with chili or lime.


chateau vartely suavignon blanc            $8
chateau vartely cabernet sauvignon      $8


tecate                                                          $6
pacifico                                                       $7
negra modelo                                         
dogfish ipa 60 min                                      $8

Non alcoholic

tipiteanah                                                   $8
Smoky Tea with lime juice and simple syrup, shaken with ice and poured into 10oz.
Water glass, garnished with lime wedge.

nilsson                                                        $8
Coconut cream shaken with ice and doubled strained over fresh ice, topped with soda
water, garnished with lime wheel.

aguas frescas (seasonal)                         $5


sparkling water (bt.)